About MasjidMy

Masjid My Digital Solution* is a specially designed solution aimed at equipping mosque management through the utilization of a reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The solution comprises five components: E Kariah, E Jariah, E Dakwah, Human Resource Management, and Procurement. These components are customized to meet the unique demands of mosques while ensuring good governance, resource optimization, transparency, and meeting the needs of the Kariah.

Additionally, the solution integrates AI chat bot functionality, enhancing accessibility and providing efficient communication channels for mosque stakeholders.

This user-friendly solution can be easily managed with minimal training and accessed by multiple stakeholders.


E-Kariah is a real-time directory developed for patrons of the Masjid. Its primary objective is to register Kariah and Khairat memberships. Special features include an interactive, personalized dashboard for each member, providing information on membership status, event calendars, and notification updates.


E-Jariah is a revenue-generating solution for the Masjid. One of its functions is to consolidate QR code donations from various merchants or Jariah Partners. E-Jariah can also serve as a crowdfunding platform for specific needs or events


E-Dakwah serves as an e-learning platform, storing content from lectures and sermons conducted in the Masjid. The function also enables the uploading of content or materials prior to each lecture

Human Resources

Our Human Resource Management (HRM) system, apart from offering generic HR solutions, is specially designed to record the attendance of multiple Ustazs and duty rosters for Imams, as well as manage bills


Procurement is a crucial feature for managing tender activities, project monitoring, vendor management, and contract oversight. This function is essential for ensuring good governance and transparency